An Extraordinary Real Estate Experience

  • Dreams & Visions: Every business was built upon the unique dreams and visions of its founders. We help provide your business with the perfect location it needs to achieve your vision fully. Our most successful clients have been able to share their core principles of what makes them successful and the company’s vision.

  • Break from the Ordinary: An ordinary real estate experience seeks to include answers to only the most fundamental questions. Questions like, what is available in the market? What is the market value? What are the rates? Once these fundamental questions are answered, the typical transaction is typically boiled down to items like the terms and conditions on a particular property, presentation of the property, negotiating, and closing. We believe there is so much more to the process.

  • Extraordinary Experiences: Our belief is that an Extraordinary real estate experience includes all the core fundamentals but delivered at 10X performance. It also goes more in-depth to align your business vision and growth with these fundamentals.
    • We want to completely understand how you serve your client, who your client is, what does your client five years from now look like, and where do they come from. Having this information can change or alter the ideal location. What may work ideally for one restaurant owner very well could be the worst location for another. We do not look at each business in an industry the same, of course, sound principals are reviewed and considered, but we strategically align those with your unique position in the market.
    • What are the challenges you are experiencing with your current location, what is the solution that next location must resolve?
    • Who are your employees, where do they come from, how important is employee attraction and retention to the success of your business?
    • Cashflow and Capital. When Buying or Leasing, we help you identify what the cash out of pocket will due to your balance sheet. We work with you do you determine correct financing options, what other capital requirements will you need in the next 3-5 years, and how will the lease or purchase of location impact your ability to have the capital available to meet your growth projections.

  • Superior Communication: Communicate often, clearly and with the answer and information requested. We look to communicate with you in your preferred method, frequency, and format. It is our role to serve your communication needs, not the reverse.

  • Delivering Results: You hired us to complete an objective and delivering short of the agreed-upon expectations is not part of our practice. When a client and we agree to work with each other, we accept the challenge/objective and work hard, diligently and with determination to deliver. We are also a bit different because we do not take every prospect as a client. During our initial meeting, we strive to gain valuable insights into the prospects objective and vision. We then determine if we are the right company to deliver the results for them.

  • Transaction Experience: Our goal is to ensure the experience our clients received during their transaction was organized, smooth, and the expectations agreed upon were delivered upon. Real Estate transactions can be very intricate and filled with opportunities to go sideways. Through our 25 yrs, we have seen most of the good, the great, the amazing, the bad, the ugly, and near catastrophes. No Broker can stop the unknown from occurring, but what our years of experience bring our clients is foresight, preparedness, anticipation, and proactiveness. We are a solution based commercial brokerage. We do our absolute best to foresee the issues before they occur. This provides us the opportunity to present the problem with solutions in advanced. This practice helps reduce the stress levels of our clients during the real estate process. We understand that you have a business, start-up, or relocation to attend too and real estate is not your primary focus. Fortunately for you, we are passionate about commercial real estate it is ours so we need to always deliver the process so it keeps you running yours.

  • Innovations and Knowledge: We are in an ever-changing fast past industry. Did you know that within the next five years Real Estate transaction will look completely different and will be handled on a different platform than they are today? We are not waiting for the industry to change and then play catch up, we owe it to our clients to be in the forefront of technology, marketing, tools, and resources to deliver them tomorrow’s product today, yes to take a Disney quote.

  • WOW our Clients: We want all of our clients to feel extraordinary from our initial contact, during the real estate process, and the closing. Our systems are designed to continue this remarkable experience after all transactions are complete too. We’ll steadily strive to WOW our clientele for the next 20+ years. When you work with Graham Team Commercial Real Estate you will continuously say to yourself, WOW I did not expect that!

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