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Data, statistics, and information are irrelevant if it’s not applicable to you and your business. We live in an information overload world, much of that noise is white noise and is inconsequential to your success. Our job as your real estate Adviser | Consultant is to comb through all the data, information and numbers and recognize what is relevant to you and your business as it relates to your real estate goals and objectives. It is easy to get lost in the trees of unnecessary data and lose your way or focus. Our job is peer above the above the forest to discern the path that best aligns with the goals and objective you shared with us for your business. We analyze the data, information, and facts. We then take the time to outline them in a format that allows you to quickly access and review what your best options are.

We do not just present you the data and results and then ask you for your opinion. We have the skills and knowledge to advise you with actionable guidance. We assume that this is what you hired us for. We are expected to be the experts in the real estate industry, and if we truly listen to your goals and objectives, then analyze the data, we should become your trusted advisors. Just as you are an expert in your industry/business, we assume you are hiring us to be the experts in real estate so we can give you the right advice, recommendations, and thoughtful opinions.

After analyzing and advising, it comes down to obtaining results. 99.9% of the deals need to be negotiated to deliver our clients the price|rate, terms, & conditions that best accommodate their company goals, protects them legally and reduces risk to the greatest position possible. It is not our client’s job to negotiate the deal; that is what you hired us, the experts to do for you. We have negotiated 1000’s of contracts with many successful outcomes. We will not guarantee the lowest (Buyer|Tenant) or highest (Seller | Tenant) price|rate, as lowest is not always what is best for your company but we will guarantee we go to the mat hard, fast and furious for our clients best interest. Sometimes clients focus in on a single detail, such as price, getting the lowest rate at the wrong location, which 99.9% of the time is not in the best interest or the long-term success of your business. We desire to be your real estate partner for 10+, 20+ years from now, to do that your company has to be viable, so we see it as our responsibility to let you know when we feel you are focused in on the wrong point|term.

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